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Shame on the name who ruined country’s fame.


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Honesty pays Honors and Corruption Dishonors.

Honesty pays Honors and Corruption Dishonors.

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Pollution by corruption leads to our destruction.

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Corruption corruption go away leave my country, this I pray.

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Disrupt the corrupt.

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We are in need to stop the greed.


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Keep nothing under the table, except your shoes.


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We will do our part so corruption will be caught.


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An end to corruption is my plan, if you join me friends, I’m sure we can.

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When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things bought and sold are legislators.


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They Call It Democracy, But It Isn’t.


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Fight Corruption: Be the one who helps build a better society for all.

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Save the country, fight against corruption.


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Hand to hand lets take a stand.

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Arise, awake and a brighter future we will make.

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If you are not part of the solution; then you are the problem.

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Corruption: eating away from the inside out.

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Anger will erupt if there’s no stop to the corrupt.

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Anti corruption start from you.

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We’re always watching you, corruption will be caught.