Slogans Against Domestic Violence

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The ones who have no voice need you to speak up.

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Domestic Violence Prevention Begins With Me… and You.

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Don’t believe when they say they will change!

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Stopping Domestic Violence: It’s Not Just a Good Idea — It’s The Law.

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Stop it while you still have a voice

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Domestic Violence is an Every Day Issue

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Don’t make excuses!

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It’s ok, she doesn’t hit very hard.

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Act Like A Monk, Not A Punk.

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Act Like You Have Evolved, Talk It Out To Have It Resolved.

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Bullies Never Win In The Games.

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Come Up With A Resolution, Violence Is Never A Solution.

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Decrease The Violence And Increase The Peace Come On Guys Let’s Have Safer Streets.

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Do The Right Thing, Don’t Throw A Punch Or Swing.

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Don’t Punch Or Hit, Instead Use Your Wit.

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There is no reason to hurt another!

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Prevent Domestic Violence: Preserve Domestic Tranquility.

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Domestic violence is a travesty!