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End up in jail, or end the child labor now.

End Up In Jail

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Stop it while you still have a voice

Stop It While You Still Have A Voice

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Animals Have More Rights Than Prenatal Humans

Animals Have More Rights

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End child labor now.

End Child Labor Now

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Make conservation a habit.

Make Condervation A Habit

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Man must feel the earth to know him and recognize his values. God made life simple.

Man Must Feel The Earth

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Punish those who employ children.

Punish Those Who Employ Children

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Red card for child labor!

Red Card For Child Labor

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‘Stop Child labour and give them privilege to stand forward in future generation’

Stand Forward In Future Generation

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Work is for adults, play and education is for children.

Work Is For Adults

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Child’s rights ; adults duties.

Child's Right Adult Duties

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“Human Rights – A Idea We Can All Live With”

Human Rights

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“I’ve got something to say! I ate your baby today!”

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Everyone deserves to live their rights

Everyone Deserves To Live Their Rights

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I am safe.

I Am Safe

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I have the right to live

I Have The Right To Live

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‘Every kids has a dream , let their dream come true’

Every Kids Has A Dream

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Education is our right… stopping child labor is our fight!

 Education Is Our Right

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Your a Jerk to make them Work

Your A Jerk To Make Them Work

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‘Say No to Child labour’

Say No To Child Labor