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Today a reader. Tomorrow a leader.

Today a reader. Tomorrow a leader

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Read, Lead, Succeed.

Read, Lead, Succeed

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If you can’t read, you can’t write.

You Can't Write

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In order to succeed, you must read!

In order to succeed, you must read

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Never judge a book by its movie.

Never Judge A Book By Its Movie

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To exceed, you must read.

To Exceed You Must Read

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Reading makes the world go round.

Reading Makes The World Go Round

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Sail on a sea of books.

Sail on a sea of books

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Sssh! I’m reading.

Sssh! I’m reading

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Read, it’s a need you can feed.

 Read Its A Need

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Reading helps your seed of knowledge grow.

Reading helps your seed of knowledge grow

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Take a look. Read a book!

Take A Look

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Read for Knowledge & Know How.

Read for Knowledge & Know How

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Read! You’d be surprised what you find.

You Did Be Surprised

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Reading feeds the imagination.

Reading Feeds The Imagination

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Reading is Fun.

Reading is Fun

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Ready, steady, READ!

 Ready Steady Read

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Sport for eyes- reading!

Sport For Eyes

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I’ve got my head in a book.

I Have Got My Head In A Book

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Make friends with a book!

Make friends with a book

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Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.

Anyone Who Says They Have Only One Life

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Better read than dead.

Better Read THan Dead

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Books: Food for the Brain.

Yoga Background

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Born to read

Born To Read

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Dive into a good book.

Dive Into A Good Book

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Enjoy a book- get reading!

Enjoy A Book Get Reading

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Enter a different world – read!

Enter A Different World

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Expand your mind, read a book.

Expand Your Mind

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Feel the need….the need to Read.

Feel The Need

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Give a hoot. Read a book.

Give A Hoot

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Have you chosen a good book?

Have You Chosen A Good Book

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I heart reading!

I Heart Reading

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I read my readings and I wrote my writings.

I Read My Readings

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I support reading united!

I Support Reading United

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Read In / Write Out

 Read In Write Out

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Read with Desire

Read With Desire

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Read! Morning, Noon, and Night.

 Read Morning Noon

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Don’t panic – go organic.

Don't Panic

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Reading is fundamental.

Reading Is Fundmental

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Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

 Reading Is To The Mind